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Love Milo designs are inspired by the harmony between line and form found in nature.We look for elements within the African environment and bring them into a functional from for us to enjoy in our homes.We place a strong emphasis on sustainability because what we take away from nature should never be more than the inspiration itself.Our sustainable manufacturing practice include the sourcing of local materials and building a community of local craftsman, but also embraces an ethos and larger vision of raising awareness of the eco-lifestyle. We believe that this journey of awareness begins with a true appreciation of the imperfect beauty of one�s environment. Taking daily inspiration from our surroundings, we translate the gratitude we have for earthy elements into nature-inspired designs, with the hopes of arousing a collective consciousness of nature�s splendor and sacredness. Our hope for those who interact with our products enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by the beauty of nature and to feel inspired when interacting with them.


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